Ken Diamond Memorial Park

Want to experience nature at its best? Then take a walk through the Ken Diamond Memorial Park. Since development began in 1997, the park has become a focal point of the community, with avid walkers and environmental enthusiasts alike enjoying the natural surroundings and habitat.

The Ken Diamond Memorial Park is attracting trout and waterfowl, and helping residents and visitors to understand the importance of preserving our ecological treasures. Even local schools have recognized the importance of the park by incorporating it into their science and environmental studies programs.

To date the park boasts several kilometres of walking trails and bridges, taking in several natural habitats. There is also a lookout area where visitors can enjoy an aerial view of the park. Along the walking trails visitors can read the information plaques to understand more about the plant life, water fowl and other important aspects of the park.

The park development was funded in memory of businessman Ken Diamond by his nephew, Darryl Fry. The park has become a success story in educating people about the importance of ecology and wildlife, and it has helped to bring our appreciation of our natural treasures to a new level.

3.5 km walking trail (wheelchair accessible) surrounding Southeast Steady. Visit Noah's Peak for a panoramic view of town. There are four bridges along the way. The trail also has rest stops. Wetland park where wildlife can be observed.

Season: Jan 1 - Dec 31

Location: 8 Station Road, Glovertown

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 224
Glovertown, NL, A0G 2L0

Telephone: 709-533-2351

Fax: 709-533-2225

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