Botwood - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 350
Coordinates: 49.1296° N, 55.3629° W

In 1933, Charles and Anne Lindbergh made a non stop flight across the Atlantic and landed in Botwood Harbour. From 1937 to 1940, both Pan Am and B.O.A.C used Botwood as a terminal for their Atlantic Crossings. On June 27,1939 the Yankee Clipper left Botwood for the first scheduled Trans Atlantic Passenger flight.

From the outbreak of World War II, 1940-1945, the Royal Air Force changed Botwood into a patrolling and bombing seaplane base. A large concrete slipway, two hangers, tarmac and four ammunition bunkers were constructed.

To go back and view what Botwood was like in the early days, a visit to the Botwood Heritage Museum and Park is a must. Spend the day in the museum and view the artifacts and history of Botwood. Picnic in the Heritage Park and take a stroll out to Killick Island.

As Botwood is a shipping port, there are many occasions to see ships from all over the world collecting paper or delivering oil products.

From Botwood you can be adventurous and continue to travel Route 350 to Point Leamington and Leading Tickles or Route 352 to Point of Bay, Cottrell's Cove and Fortune Harbour. Along these paved roads, you may see icebergs, whales, bald eagles and other wildlife.

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