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The Town was officially incorporated in July of 1950, but has been settled since the mid-to-late 1500's. Such is its isolation that it was only in 1949 that the first car traversed the Burin Peninsula highway, which was completed that same year.

But as a fishing port, Burin harbour's shelter made it one of the greatest fishing grounds for centuries, and its waters once were thronged with schooners and steamers. Fishing and maritime industries flourished - the business names of Spurriers, JJ Coady's, Holletts, Marshall and others still abound, but the islands of Great Burin and Stepaside visible from the Parish House windows are now deserted, and the harbour is quiet. The Fish Plant and shipyard in nearby Marystown are remnants of its great past. Many Buildings in Old Burin are good examples of turn-of-the-century architecture.

Add enchantment to your summer days and visit the Burin Heritage Museums this summer! Experience the rich culture and history of a seafaring people. The Burin Heritage House tells the story of our people, the struggle, hardships, and joys of an outport existence. The museums have 12 display rooms exhibiting the "Lifestyles of Yesteryear", "The Tidal Wave", "The Days of Sail", "Traditional Outport Cooking", "The Sewing Room", "A One-Room School House", "The War Room", "Crystal, Silver, and Porcelain Displays", a "Diary Display", a "Traditional Medical Exhibit", and a "Local Historical Media Room!".

Learn of how Al Capone contributed to our Hospital trust fund. In our historic Bank Museum we also feature a Museum Gallery showcasing local artists and travelling exhibits. Relax at our Oldest Colony Trust Building and enjoy Wednesday Evening local entertainment held throughout the summer. Stroll along our magnificent boardwalk and enjoy our historic buildings and breathtaking seascape!

Join in our annual Dory Races held in Ship Cove, Burin, every July 1 weekend. Our famous Burin Heritage Weekend begins on Friday of the second weekend in August featuring traditional foods, music, song, and dance with over 90 performers!

Take part in our living interpretations portrayed throughout the summer weekends. Why not have a mug up in our Traditional Tearoom or visit our Cultural Craft Shop displaying quality knitted goods, poked mats, embroidery, crocheted items, woodwork, and local traditional artwork.

Hike along our historic trails: "Captain Cook's Lookout" and "Man 'O War Hill" (site where a battalion of British Soldiers, c. 1800, were sustained to protect the harbour from pirates and privateers!).

We look forward to seeing you in Burin!!. If you are really lucky, you can see Whales jumping, Icebergs moving through the straits.

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