Clarenville - Newfoundland and Labrador

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Coordinates: 48.1459° N, 53.9631° W

Clarenville is a thriving community located on the East Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Located in the beautiful Shoal Harbour River Valley, Clarenville is subject to prevailing southwest winds, bringing drier weather and considerably more sunshine and temperate conditions than the rest of the island.

Since its incorporation in 1951, Clarenville has grown into a prominent community with a population of over 5,200 people. Clarenville's economy is vibrant and diverse: oil and gas, manufacturing, value-added processing, tourism, and service industries identify Clarenville and surrounding areas as their home.

A key component of Clarenville's economy is driven by the service industry as it provides for the needs of some 40,000 people living in 90 communities. Strategically located between rolling three major peninsulas, Clarenville is within a two hour reach of 70% of the province's population, and the ideal place to start exploring the historical Discovery Trail.

As a major east coast service centre, Clarenville offer a well-established business infrastructure and a wide range of support services which cater to the needs of residents of Clarenville and the surrounding areas. Clarenville has services, facilities and infrastructure comparable to any large town with shopping malls, banks, hospital, airstrip, public and private colleges, secondary
schools, parks, recreation, arts activities, skiing facilities, restaurants, hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts and hospitality homes, Clarenville also boasts a healthy community spirit and high value lifestyle.

Clarenville is only 100 km from the legendary town of Bonavista, and within a short drive of the region's major attractions.

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