Cormack - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 422
Coordinates: 49.3097° N, 57.383° W

Located near the base of the Northern Peninsula, Cormack was incorporated as a town in 1964. The community was founded after World War II as an agricultural settlement by returning war veterans.

Each veteran was given 50 acres of land, a portion which was to be cleared before they moved in, a six room house, money for construction of a barn, the purchase of livestock and equipment and a maintenance for the winter. It was thought the settlers could supplement their income with logging earnings for the first few years.

By 1948 there were 96 farms in the area and the community named itself after the Newfoundland explorer William Epps Cormack. There was some growth in the farming sector, but by the 1960s the community declined.

The main reason for the decline was limited access to markets and competition from mainland farmers. By the late 1970s, the government tried to encourage more farming in the area, but the high cost of supplies and the small crops produced made it hard to compete against the large farms from the mainland.

The area has the largest community pasture run by the government in the province. The pasture not only provides grazing land, but also has veterinary services. The land around the community is some of the most fertile in the province and in addition to root crops and potatoes, strawberries and other fruit are also grown, as well as the raising of livestock and broiler chicken.

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