Dunfield - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 239
Coordinates: 48°21′00″N 53°23′00″W

Renamed in 1913, the present day Dunfield was once the community of Cuckold's Cove. Today the houses border along the shoreline, surrounded by lush green hills. Whether you drive or travel by foot, visit the United Church of the Good Shepherd. Continue on to "Island Cove," the farthest point in Dunfield, for a view of the bay where magnificent icebergs can be seen.

Travel the only roadway en route to Historic Fort Point and walk the wide and woody trail from Maggoty Cove to Coleman's Point. It was here in Maggoty Cove a whale factory prospered from 1903-1915. Today, only parts of a concrete foundation remain.

A large stretch of green meadow slopes down to a jagged and rocky beach overlooking Green Island Tickle. The ocean stretches out to Bonaventure Head, Stone Island, Little Stone Island and beyond. Bring along your binoculars and look out to Green Island, nesting grounds to view a wide variety of local and migrating marine birds, such as the Kittiwake, Artic and Common Tern, and the Guillemot. The point offers an excellent picnic and camping area.

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