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Route 100
Coordinates: 47°16′59″N 53°52′59″W / 47.283°N 53.883°W

The community of Dunville is located about 100 km from St. John's and about 10 km from the Argentia Ferry. Dunville was once commonly known as the Northeast Arm, and appeared on maps as early as 1514. It is probable that the arm sheltered smaller fishing craft from the earliest days of Placentia's occupation in the 1500's. While it had its own municipal government, it is now amalgamated with other towns in the region to make up the Town of Placentia.

Dunville runs for approximately 8 km along the North East Arm of Placentia Harbour and is divided into two roadways. The Lower Road runs along the shoreline of the Northeast Arm and the main road is located above this road. The main road connects Dunville to other surrounding communities in the Placentia area as well as the Trans Canada Highway.

There are three Churches located in Dunville: Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and United Church. Dunville also has its own fire station, school (K-9), two gas stations, a library and several convenience stores in the community.

In Dunville, recreation plays a big role in the lives of many residents. There are two softball fields (slow pitch and fast pitch) located in the center of Dunville. Another recreational complex here in Dunville is the P4 Youth Center. The P4 offers social events, educational events, sporting events, recreational events and so much more. There are also two tennis courts located to the rear of the P4 as well as a playground on site.

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