Gander - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 1
Coordinates: 48.9566° N, 54.6089° W

While in Gander, visit the North Atlantic Aviation Museum and learn the history behind the airport town.

Gander was founded in 1936 by T.A. Hall, a civil engineer who saw the flat landscape of the community as an ideal location for an airport. On January 11, 1938, Captain Douglas Fraser made the first landing at the new airport flying a single engine bi-plane, Fox Moth.

After the Second World War, Gander became known as "the crossroads of the world" for its role in Transatlantic Aviation. The community acted as a secret post for the Royal Air Force Ferry Command, as some 20,000 North American built fighters and heavy bombers were transported overseas.

Today, Gander International Airport currently has two runways in operation and is the designated alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle.

Other historic attractions include The Commonwealth War Graves and the Silent Witness Memorial.

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