Gaultois - Newfoundland and Labrador

Located across the bay from Hermitage on Long Island, Gaultois is one of three isolated communities in the Coast of Bays Region. Access is by regular passenger ferry service. The 20 minute ride provides you with an opportunity to take a first hand glimpse the coastline. The harbour is protected from the sometime rough seas by a narrow entrance and high cliffs. The rocky outcrops and sloping ground have limited the agriculture and building within the community.

Gaultois was settled in the late 1700's with the arrival of Newfoundland based British merchant firm, Newman and Company. Their presence provide a solid basis for year round settlement. The southerly location provided opportunity for a year round cod fishery. In addition, American whale hunting was carried out during the late 1700's with Gaultois as a key strategic location.

The remains of a Whaler's Cave on Long Island used as a lookout point for whales is still present. During the late 1800's Gaultois was used as a supply centre for the bank fishery. It was also used as a port to export salt cod to Europe.

Fishing continues to be a mainstay for the economy of Gaultois, however in past years declining stocks has taken its toll, like many other parts of Newfoundland.

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