Grates Cove - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 70
Coordinates: 48.1626° N, 52.9339° W

The best road to the community is one between Old Perlican and Bay de Verte on Route 70. Grates Cove Rock Walls, formerly used to wall vegetable gardens and keep out animals, are scattered throughout the community. The rock walls have been declared a National Historical Site.

Grates Cove, at the tip of peninsula, is one of the closest points in North America to Europe. The distance by water from Grates Cove to Ireland is approximately 2575 km. This may explain the belief that this area was one of the first places sighted by John Cabot in 1497, and the story Cabot Rock.

Cabot Rock was described as a large rock bearing inscriptions which some claim were carved by Cabot himself. Unfortunately, the Rock itself is said to have been stolen some years ago, so we may never know the truth.

Genealogy Information

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