Greenspond - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 320-33

Greenspond is a small fishing community located in Bonavista Bay North on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. When you visit Greenspond you will notice its rich history as a fishing town. It has been well preserved and is very scenic.

While there is some dispute about the origin of the name, it is believed by many that the community was named after the surname of two of its earliest setters, Green and Pond. In 1983, a causeway was built linking Greenspond to the mainland of Newfoundland. With the decline of the cod stocks in the early 1990s, Greenspond's economy is changing to incorporate promising opportunities in tourism.

One tourist attraction is the Greenspond Courthouse. The museum contains artifacts from the Greenspond area, as well as from other parts of Newfoundland. The Greenspond Courthouse became a Registered Heritage Structure in October 1988. It received the Southcott Award for Restoration in 1998. Another attraction is the Harding House. Here you can learn about Greenspond and its Heritage in Newfoundland.

Almost every angle of this community has a great view of the islands, light house, fishing wharfs or historic buildings.

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