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L'Anse-Au-Loup is located about 30 km east of the Quebec Labrador border along the southern Labrador highway, L'Anse-Au-Loup is the largest town in the Labrador Straits region. We are just 25 minutes drive from the car and passenger ferry-connection to St. Barbe in Northern Newfoundland. Important to L'Anse-Au-Loup's sense of community is its not for-profit organizations. These organizations involve over 100 volunteers who play a pivotal role in providing key services in recreation, youth and community activities for local residents.

The Town Centre houses the Council Office and Chamber, the Public Library, Community Youth Network, Economic Development Office, Family Resource Centre and Fire Station. Also located in L'Anse-Au-Loup are: The Labrador Fishermen's Union Shrimp Company, the Eagle River Credit Union Limited, a Regional Youth Centre known as "Paula's Place", the Labrador Straits Regional Ice Arena - venue for the Bakeapple Folk Festival (held annually) and a small Swimming Pool which is operated each July and August.

A few of the attractions and/or points of interests found in and around L'Anse-Au-Loup include a mile-long sandy beach, a small River winding through the centre of town, easy Walking Trails leading to historic Schooner Cove (2.2 kilometres from town), Raised Beaches created as a result of the Laurentide Ice Sheet which retreated from these shores some 10,000 years ago. Visitors will also learn about the past occupations of this land by: Paleo-Indians (9000 years ago), Maritime Archaic Indians (8,000 to 4,000 years ago), Paleo-Eskimo (4,000 to 2000 years ago), and Dorset (2,000 to 800 years ago). These prehistoric peoples were followed by the historic Basque Whalers, French Fishermen and finally the English Businessmen & Settlers who arrived shortly after the Treaty of Paris (1763).

For a relatively small town, L'Anse-Au-Loup has a wide range of services to cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike. You'll find Grocery stores, a Sears Outlet, a Bakery and Coffee Shop, Computer & Accessories outlet, Gas Stations, Two Houses of Worship, a Funeral Home, a Postal Station, a Restaurant & Bar, a Fishing Supplies outlet, an Automotive Service garage, Outlets for Snowmobile/Water Crafts and ATV products, a Building Supplies and Hardware store, a supplier of Propane, Furnace Oil & Diesel Fuel, a Liquor Store, Construction Equipment, a Highways Depot, a Credit Union Banking Service, Federal and Provincial Fisheries offices, a Fresh Fish Processing Plant, a Safe Harbour for Commercial and Recreation Vessels complete with shower facilities and laundromat, a Marine Service Centre, Cell Phone Access, Hair Salons and a Recycling Depot.

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