Lumsden - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 330
Coordinates: 49.296° N, 53.6033° W

On the east coast of Newfoundland, just 123 km from Gander, along the Kittiwake Coast, you will find a small town called Lumsden, known for its raging seas and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. The Town of Lumsden was Incorporated in April 16, 1968. Lumsden has its own elected town council, consisting of a mayor, six councillors, a town clerk/manager, part time town clerk, a maintenance man and a part time maintenance to help with the smooth running of the town.

Lumsden has always been associated with the fishery and, today, still thrives on the ocean=s marine life. Every year crab, shrimp, lobster, lump and caplin are harvested. Lumsden is also a town full of tourism potential. It has three beautiful beaches that offers a perfect place to swim, sunbathe, play volleyball or relax.

In the Lumsden area, there are great ponds for trouting in the summer and ice-fishing in the winter. For those who love the sport, there are four salmon rivers that are just minutes away. There are opportunities for hunting big or small game, as well. Throughout the spring and early summer, Lumsden is a great place for sighting icebergs. If you wish to take a closer view of these icebergs, there are local fishermen who would take you out in their boats.

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