Makinsons - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 71

Makinsons is an attractive community located about 5 km. south of Clarke's Beach. The Registered Heritage Structure Drogheda illustrates an important part of its history.

Drogheda was built in the early 1800s by the Coveyduck family. Some say settlers named it for a mountain in Wales and that means "Valley of Hope" in Welsh. Others say it is Gaelic referring to a bridge or a stream, ford, or pond. First built as a traditional inland "winter home," it later became the centre for a number of booming businesses, which sold lumber and built boats for the Labrador fishery.

The Crout's Way Trail begins from Drogheda and ends in Hopeall, Trinity Bay. The Trail is a challenging adventure that at least one overnight stop to complete.

The Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation developed the trail in 1998. The Journals of John Guy and Henry Crout were used as references and those working on the trail looked for landmarks and scenes described in the journals.

The wilderness trail retraces the path of John Guy's colonists when they cut a path from Cupids to Trinity Bay in 1612 as part of an attempt to make contact with the Beothuk Indians to establish trade.

Genealogy Information

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