Port Saunders - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 430-28

Port Saunders, with its hospital and other services and facilities, is a major hub of the Tri-Town area, and an exciting part of any visit to the Northern Peninsula.

The community is named after British Admiral "Sir Charles Saunders" who, under the command of Major General James Wolfe, commanded the British warship, Neptune, during the successful expedition designed to capture Quebec from the French in1760. During his first survey and mapping of the Newfoundland coastline in July 1766, Captain James Cook named this sheltered harbour in 1766 in honor of his commanding officer during the Battle of Quebec.

Port Saunders well protected harbour has been a haven for many ships throughout history and that proud marine tradition still continues with the modern fishing industry of today.

Unique to Port Saunders is the historical waterfront of individual fishing stages and wharves of the small boat fishers, dotted from one end of the harbour to the other with the Marine Centre servicing the large fishing fleet at the bottom of the harbour front. In years gone by, when boats were the dominant mode of travel, Port Saunders was a major port of call. Evidence remains in some of the old buildings on the wharves. Near the mouth of the harbour is Keppel Island, where the lighthouse guides the harbour entrance.

Tourists can enjoy a visit to the island and view the lighthouse. For weary travelers looking to escape highway driving - a view of the waterfront, a breath of salty sea air, a walk along the Crow Head Walking Trail with a sunset view of the lighthouse at Keppel Island - Port Saunders offers tranquility by the ocean.

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