Pouch Cove - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 20
Coordinates: 47.763° N, 52.7646° W

Pouch Cove (pronounced Pooch Cove) invites visitors to their visitors to their town, so they can be the first to see the sun rise in North America on any given day! The town is part of the East Coast Trail which passes through its scenic coastline/beaches, where people enjoy outings which can include whale watching, berry picking, picnicking, outdoor swimming, and evening campfires.

The Town of Pouch Cove Museum displays artifacts, journals, and implements from everyday life in the past. Perhaos the most colourful exhibit is a costume from a "mummers' play" held in the community at Christmas.

A large plaque records the heroic actions of Pouch Cove resident, Alfred Moores. In 1875, the Waterwitch, carrying 25 people, shipwrecked on the rocks of Pouch Cove. Alfred Moores allowed himself to be precariously lowered by rope to the ship below and was successful in rescuing 11 people.

In 2006, artists from the Brother T.I. Murphy Center converged on Pouch Cove to create a mural depicting the town history. The Mural is located in the community park next to the Town Hall.

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