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Coordinates: 49.4288° N, 56.0852° W

South Brook is a small community that got it's name from the large brook by the same name that runs through the town. It is a well-known area for salmon fishing, along with the four other salmon rivers that run into the area.

The Town has always had a strong logging industry and at one time there was also a rabbit-canning factory in town. While fishing has never been one of it's main industries, there are still avid fishermen in the area who like to go on the water in search of the elusive cod whenever permitted to.

The area is rich in Beothuk and Mi'Kmaq history and artifacts have been recovered by local residents which only solidify this history. Rowsell's Hill, a prominent hill which rises as a backdrop to the town, was named for an early settler who lost his life to the Indian band at the time. He is known to have caused much trouble for them because of his dislike for natives and this eventually led to his death.

The scenery in this area is breathtaking. From the snow covered hills in the winter and vast expanse of natural open county for snowmobiling, to the sunny days in summer to enjoy the area's walking / hiking trails and picturesque surroundings, to the salmon run and subsequent sport fishery and outstanding display of autumn flora in the fall, South Brook is a prime spot for tourists and residents alike.

The Town boasts two convenience stores, a restaurant/motel, a water bottling plant, two gas stations, a recycling depot, a locally owned campground / park, a skating arena, a playground, three churches, a K-3 elementary school, a fitness center, a C.A.P. site (public internet access), etc.

The Town also has a local campground which is presently undergoing a complete enhancement - to include the addition of a 'comfort station' which will house modern washroom and shower facilities, an information center containing history and information on the whole Green Bay South area, complete handicapped facilities, and a ticket booth/reception area. In the meantime, there is presently an area to camp and park RV's, a hiking trail and lookout area, plus a walking trail around a small pond.

Goodyear's Cove, the area of the park, is well known or it's unique feature - with only a small causeway running between, there is salt water of the Bay on one side and fresh water on the other which flows freely from a local spring.

South Brook is located directly on the Trans Canada Highway in Central Newfoundland and is in a prime location situated between the larger centers of Deer Lake and Corner Brook to the West, and Grand Falls-Windsor and Gander to the East.

A wonderful place to visit, an even nicer place to live!

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