St. Chads - Newfoundland and Labrador

Coordinates: 48° 41′ 20.4″ N, 53° 46′ 26.4″ W

Originally called "Damnable," this small community was supposedly named in response to pirate activity. It is said that a pirate vessel, hoping to avoid the British man-o-war, took shelter in the intricate, shallow harbour. Because the entrance to the harbour is hard to find, it seemed to be the perfect place to hide.

However, because the harbour is so small it made raising the sails to sail out a difficult task. It is said that while the British ship was searching around outside the harbour, a crew member on the secluded pirate ship accidentally struck the watch bell, thereby alerting the British of their location. As the story goes, before the crew was captured, someone on the ship uttered "Damn the Bell" resulting in a name that is still used today by some of the older residents.

Genealogy Information

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