St. Lawrence - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 220
Coordinates: 46.9231° N, 55.3903° W

St. Lawrence is a coastal town, located on the southeast corner of the Burin Peninsula in southeastern Newfoundland. The Burin Peninsula Highway (Route 220) passes through St. Lawrence and joins the Trans Canada Highway (Route 1) at Goobies, 185 km to the north. It is strategically located 32 km's from international shipping lanes.

There is also a vast acreage of available crown land within 4 km of shipping facilities.

St. Lawrence Harbour, around which the town is built, is a well protected, ice-free, year round port. It can accommodate ships of 6m draft. Harbour facilities include a wharf and warehouse and a fish processing plant that is operated by Ocean Choice, which can facilitate any commercial or industrial activity.

This community is also the site of the largest known fluorspar deposit in North America. Although the mine is not presently operating, some of the mining infrastructure is still intact.

Sports play a big part in the lives of the people in the community having two regulation size soccer fields as well as a two sheet curling rink and a multipurpose Recreation Center.

A walk over the hills to Chambers Cove Heritage Walk, Chambers Cove will help you trace the history of the heroism that the residents of St. Lawrence displayed during the disaster of the Truxton and the Pollux that took place Feb 1942 on the shores of St. Lawrence. This led to the building of the U.S. Memorial Hospital that was donated by the U.S. in gratitude for the rescue of many men during the dreadful naval disaster. A visit to the St. Lawrence Miner's Memorial Museum is a must where detailed photos and materials collected from the disaster are on display.

There are many breath taking attractions around town which make you want to come back again. Take part in the St. Lawrence Day celebrations, catch caplin rolling on the beaches or try squid-jigging in the harbour. If you don't catch anything you are still sure to have a blast.

Little St. Lawrence, is located just a few kilometers away from St. Lawrence. It also has fantastic scenery, rich history and friendly faces. Many of the St. Lawrence community have family ties which keeps the neighbouring towns very close.

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