St. Mary's - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 90

Early Portugue named the community, the bay and the cape all in honour of Portugal's patron saint; St. Mary.

French fishermen used the area as a base in the 1500s for fishing and continued this use until 1713. Afterwards English merchants arrived with Irish fishing servants and permanent settlement soon followed.

Interesting Facts
  • 1782, local inhabitants organize a defence against American Privateer and successfully defend their community.
  • 1819, population is 454.
  • 1834, Father James Duffy is appointed the first resident priest.
  • 1851, a commercial school opens offering instruction in needlework, geography, grammar and navigation.
  • 1859, the Presentation Sisters open a school.
  • 1870, the first court house and jail opens.
  • 1966, the community is incorporated.

Genealogy Information

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