Tors Cove - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 10
Coordinates: 47.2149° N, 52.8511° W

Prior to 1910, the community usually appeared on maps as either Toad Cove or Toad's Cove, possibly derived from the old English word tode meaning fox.

Migratory English fishermen and planters were some of the first people to settle in Tors Cove year round. They began arriving in the late 1600s. Later Irish settlers arrived and worked in the inshore cod fishery.

Interesting Facts
  • 1675, population is recorded as 22.
  • 1836, first official census of Newfoundland lists Tors Cove with a population of 42
  • 1844, first school is opened in the area.
  • 1869, Roman Catholic church opens.
  • 1884, with a thriving cod fishery, the population peaks at 389.
  • 1950s, families are re-settled from the communities of LaManche, Merasheen, and Great Paradise.

Genealogy Information

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