Trouty - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 239

Over rolling hills and nestled in a secluded valley divided by a licensed Salmon River lies the community of Trouty. Trouty is unique in that boats must travel up the fresh water river, as opposed to having use of a harbour to dock their boats. In this same river, one can fish for sea trout or salmon.

St. Matthew's Anglican Church has served, for many years, as a landmark for boats entering the narrow, rocky harbour. Consecrated in 1888, St. Matthew's was the second church in Trouty. It houses a small stained glass window, [pewter chalice and paten brought in the 1940's, from the school chapel of the Holy Innocents (which had fallen into disuse because of a declining population) in nearby Spaniard's Cove.

Trouty offers several scenic walking tours. Flagstaff Hill is located at the end of Trouty and is accessible by both foot and vehicle. Surrounded by trees and grassy fields, the view is breathtaking. Continue on to the beach and look out over the salt water to watch fishing boats in all their splendour.

As well, try the 20 minute walk to New Castle Pond. Surrounded by an abundance of plant life, the pond furnishes an excellent swimming hole. Take a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon.

To fully appreciate the community, take a short walk to the top of Look Out Hill. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the sun setting over the sea.

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