Bridge House - Alexander House

This Georgian style two and one half story structure was built during the year 1814 for William Alexander, a native of Campbeltown in Western Scotland, who had come to Bonavista during the early 1800's and established himself as a merchant planter. To construct the house for himself and his intended young bride (he married Elizabeth Newell of Trinity on 28th of July, 1813) he arranged for another countryman of his, Alexander Strathie of Greenock to journey to Bonavista to construct his new residence.

Alexander Strathie was an exceptionally skilled tradesman who after having completed his initial task, decided to settle in Bonavista ad continue in the pursuit of his vocation. Subsequently,  he and his descendants are credited with the construction of a number of other landmarks including the Orange Hall, the R.C. Priests residence, and the Mockbeggar House.

Bridge House is the oldest residential structure on the Island for which the date of construction, the names of the original owner, and the builder have been documented. The property has recently been acquired by the Bonavista Historical Society and a complete restoration is expected to commence in the near future..

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