Colony Of Avalon

The Interpretation Centre houses interpretive exhibits featuring artifacts dating from the sixteenth century. Examples of artifacts include cannonballs, arrow points, padlocks, gold rings, keys, clay pipes, gravestone, gold spur, pottery, coins, and much more.

The dig consists of seven sites uncovering the remains of the 1621 English Colony settlement under the leadership of Sir George Calvert, who later became Lord Baltimore. Visitors can actually view archaeologists and the field crew as they uncover legacies of the past.

Visitors can watch the Conservator piecing shards of artifacts back to their original form, as well gain full understanding of the process involved in the conservation and preservation of artifacts.

The Gift Shop is uniquely decorated with old furniture on loan to the foundation by local residents. The shop carries a wide range of gifts from local craftspeople as well as replicas of gold rings, seventeenth century North Devon Pottery-Sgaffito Bowel and seventeenth century dolls.

The 17th century kitchen is a reproduction of a period from the early 17th century, the room contains a working fireplace, authentic doors and windows, a flagstone floor and other details typical of the era.

Season: Mid May - Mid Oct

Location: The "Pool," Route 10, Ferryland

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 119
Ferryland, NL
A0H 2H0

Telephone: 709-432-3200

Fax: 709-432-2842

Toll Free Telephone: 877-326-5669

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