St. Paul's Anglican Church

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity is the third Anglican church in the community since 1730. It is built on the site of the first church, which was erected in 1730, and is adjacent to the second structure, which was constructed in 1820. The bell in the third church was donated by a local merchant Robert Slade in 1833 and was initially installed in the second Trinity church.

The interior of St. Paul's is impressive as it was never painted and the original wood work is still in full view. Over the years the congregation has attempted to conceal the modernization which had to be made to the original structure. The duct work for the oil furnace, which replaced the initial two wood stoves, is concealed. Similarly three ceiling fans and a public address system were installed in such a way as to make them hardly noticeable. The most noticeable change was the transformation from oil to electric lighting.

The altar was a gift to the church from six Anglican clergy who were born in the community. Behind the donated altar is a stained-glass window depicting the crucifixion of Christ illuminated by the rising sun. Another interesting feature is the baptismal font which is said to be a replica of the font at the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Above the baptismal font, the setting sun illuminates a stained-glass window of Christ.

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