Christmas With or Without

Written by Kevin Collins

As the 25th of December draws near
What are we going to buy someone this year
We make us our gift lists and scamper about
Christmas should be the same with or without

Itís not all the presents we get mean the most
or what you get more than the others you boast
There are people short of food for their mouths
Christmas should be the same with or without

God gave us Christmas so long long ago
So we could give thanks for Christsí birthday, you know
So whether weíre poor of have fortunes to shout
He meant it to be the same with or without

Itís easy to forget the old used to be
When Christmas depended upon you and me
I know times have changed and the world moves about
Make people important with or without

Not this song is not meant to make people sad
But more to make everyone thankful and glad
That if you have riches or just love to give out
Remember what Christmas is with or without

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