Tear The House Down

Written by Glenn Simmonds

This world is either spinnin' way too fast or way too slow
And you gotta keep your head above confusion
Gotta get a job, guess it'll be Ontario
From the quiet bays to endless noise pollution
You're caught up in a brain drain
Can't live your life like a plain Jane
And you hear the ghetto war blastin' on the radio.
It's Yonge St. from Burkes Lane
Gotta put 'er up one more time before we go
And tear the House Down

Boys in boots and women with no shoes upon their feet
Time is flyin' 'til the early light
Tickin' tockin' now she's rockin'... dancin' in the street
Put your troubles out of mind and out of sight
But pocket change, nickel and dime
And common sense ain't worth the time
It's the same old, same old, wrapped in lily white
Let's shoot from the blueline
And put 'er up one more time tonight
We'll tear the house down
Tear the house down

So it's round up all the crowd
Loosen up the joint
Three sheets to the wind
Way up she's gonna go tonight
Dance your feet down to your knees
Wake up the girls next door.
Let's dance upon the roof
What odds about the kitchen floor
We'll tear the house down
Tear the house down

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