Historic Attractions and Museums in Daniel's Harbour

Daniel's Harbour, while considered a Mining Town for some fifteen years, remains a traditional Newfoundland fishing community, with a natural rock wall protecting the small harbour.

The community is encompassed by natural attractions, with interesting and beautiful beaches on one side, and breathtaking scenery offered by the Long Range Mountains on the other. An area of opportunity for the beachcomber, hiker, sightseer, or photographer.

Daniel's Harbour bursts with pride, being the home of Nurse Myra Bennett and "Uncle" Rufus Guinchard. The services of Nurse Bennett made her world famous, and her home and artifacts remain in Daniel's Harbour as evidence of this. The Traditional Newfoundland music "Uncle" Rufus produced on his fiddle reached the world over when he honoured countries in Europe, and as far away as Japan, with his visits.

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