Avondale - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 60
Coordinates: 47.4191° N, 53.192° W

It was originally named Salmon Cove, the town of Avondale is home to the "Disappearing Church."

Its reputation stems from long ago when fishermen rowing or sailing into the harbour used the Assumption Church on the hill as a navigational aid, as many out ports did of there own churches. These men swore the church seemed to disappear, then reappear as they neared shore.

Even today, it is said while driving along the old Conception Bay Highway from St. John's to Avondale, there are times when the church on the hill disappears behind an identical hill with no church, then just as quickly comes back into view atop the original hill.

A must see is the The Historic Avondale Railway Station which has been converted into a museum.

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