Canning's Cove - Newfoundland and Labrador

Drive to Canning's Cove to see the capelin rolling. To one who has never seen this spectacular sight before it's one that will never be forgotten as thousands of little capelin roll up on shore to spawn. In appearance they are a small silvery fish and a close relative of the freshwater smelt. Capelin are a cold water, schooling species.

Capelin spend the bulk of their lives offshore moving inshore only to spawn. Spawning takes place on beaches in June and July and attracts predators including fish, seabirds, whales, eagles and ospreys. Newfoundlanders call this the capelin "scull" and evenings in June and July you will definitely find adults and children down on the beaches equipped with buckets and dip nets to gather up this ocean bounty. Traditionally, capelin were spread on gardens as fertilizer. Dried salted capelin are a traditional Newfoundland snack roasted on a stick over a camp fire.

Continue down the Bonavista Peninsula through historic Trinity and Bonavista  or travel to Clarenville for the day

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