Eddies Cove West - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 430

The community of Eddies Cove West is actually located within the St. John Bay just north of Ingornachoix Bay on route 430.

The natural beauty of Eddies Cove West includes a sheltered cove, sandy beaches in a pristine environment with majestic views of Doctors Hills, St. John Island and St. John Bay. Visitors to the village are impressed with the community spirit, and appreciate local escorts to the beautiful and mysterious St. John's Island, site of a French fishing station, a whaling factory and historic French graves of the 1800's.

Local lore has it that St. John Island, which is the largest island in the bay, was frequented by pirates. There is legend that treasure is buried somewhere near the famous blowhole found on the island. Eddies Cove West is a quaint fishing village at the northern entrance to the Ingornachoix region.

The primary fishery is lobster, evident by the large number of neatly stacked traps, supplemented by other ground fish species when available for commercial harvesting. Logging and sawmilling have also provided income to the community's economy as well the growth and harvesting of local vegetables is a tradition that's still maintained even today.

Residents are provided with the minimum of services in the community, and depend on the nearby towns of Hawke's Bay, Port Saunders and Port au Choix for its educational, recreational, social, commercial, and medical facilities.

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