Freshwater - Newfoundland and Labrador

Route 100

Freshwater (once called La Fontaine¬Ě) is located in Placentia Bay approximately 50 km from the TCH and 120 km from St. John's. You can find Freshwater westward of the Castle Hill National Historic Site in Jerseyside.

Freshwater was likely a place for fishing ships to replenish their supplies of fresh water. Freshwater lacks a sufficient beach front to support a large fishing industry. It was for this reason that early settlement at Freshwater was restricted. Until World War II the community was a tiny fishing settlement, which relied on the small-boat, inshore cod fishery.

Between 1941 and 1964, the population in Freshwater began to increase. The reason being was the building of the Naval Base at Argentia. The population of Freshwater steadily dropped from 1,562 in 1972 to 1,462 by 1976 and 1,276 by 1981 as families left the town, many for employment opportunities in mainland Canada.

Freshwater now has it's own community center called La Fontaine. It is here that they hold activities such as card games, bingos, darts, dances, benefit concerts, weddings, socials, etc.

Old Settlement Hill is a hill in Freshwater that is located up higher than the community itself and gives you a breathtaking view of Placentia Bay. This hill is highly populated right up to the top.

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