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Route 60

Harbour Main is located on the west side of Holyrood Arm, Conception Bay on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. The community of Harbour Main had rich agricultural soil and was close to good fishing grounds when it was settled around 1675. Its resources made it one of the earliest utilized and settled towns in eastern Newfoundland.

Harbour Main-Chapel Cove-Lakeview is an amalgamated town comprising the three formerly independent settlements in its name s located between Avondale and Holyrood on Route 60 on the Admirals' Coast.. While visiting Harbour Main, make sure to stop by the Lookout for a commanding view of the entire surrounding countryside. When conditions are really good, the panoramic view is breathtaking.

The name Harbour Main, which is believed to be of French origin, appeared first on a map thought to have been completed in the 1630s or 1640s. Later the town was referred to as "Rogues Roost." It was given this name because it was a safe haven for many Irishmen who escaped harsh service in St. John's. They made their way to "Runaway Rock" in an area of the town know as Duffs. Duffs is at the bottom of a hill near the water on the route from St. John's. At Duff's, the young men lit signal fires to signal friends. The friends came, took them, and hid them away in Harbour Main. These young Irishmen were called "Rogues" by the people in whose service they had been in St. John's.

For those interested in history, there are old graveyards with ancient headstones and the church Palace, a 1900's structure which houses visiting and stationed clergy.

A local swimming pool, known locally as “The Tide" offers a great cooling place on hot summer days.

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