Grey River - Newfoundland and Labrador

The community of Grey River was settled in the early 1800s by English settlers who were brought to Newfoundland via the great merchant houses based at Ramea, Burgeo and Gaultois. As in the past, today Grey River is primarily a fishing community. Small-boat fishers harvest a variety of species, including ground fish, lobster and scallops. The catch is sold to outside interests.

Accessible only by boat or helicopter, Grey River has a deep harbour, which is navigable year-round, and a helipad which provides landing space for helicopters. When entering Grey River by boat, visitors will find a picturesque community surrounded by towering mountains on three sides.

Grey River is a fascinating place to explore. While there, one can hike the snowmobile trails to the top of the hills that surround the community or hike along the shore that leads to North East Arm. A sense of the community's history can be experienced by visiting the cemeteries.

Grey River is the site of an old tungsten mine and one can easily find pyrite, or fool's gold, amongst the rocks at the mine entrance.

A virtual paradise for the photographer or sportsman, the Grey River Fjord runs past the community and then separates into three river systems. North East Arm is considered to be one of the best salmon fishing rivers in all of eastern Canada. South East Arm offers breathtaking scenery. Its colourful landscape is a palette of lush green forest, rugged mountains and sandy beaches. In some areas, the beaches stretch out for a mile at low tide. North West Arm is also a spectacular site. However, it is best known for the big game animals found there, especially moose and caribou.

Gulch Cove is just a six kilometre hike from the community of Grey River. This cove nestles beneath spectacular hills that rise approximately 800 feet on either side. The narrow gorge above Gulch Cove provides a view of the Atlantic Ocean on the outside and the Grey River on the inside.

For a taste of real outport talent and a good time, visitors can take in the "Grey River Jamboree," three-day event held annually on the last weekend of August. Enjoy performances by local musicians and entertainers and delight in traditional Newfoundland cuisine.

Visit the wharves and join the local people in the daily "yarns:' There you will enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the friendly residents.

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