Winterbrook - Newfoundland and Labrador

Winterbrook is located at the end of Route 234 from Jamestown. Winterbrook was settled in 1900 by John Reid from Clarenville and his brother-in-law, Mosses Lowe from Shoal Harbour. They had heard of a place leading to the salt water and decided to bring their families and settle in this beautiful little community.

Winterbrook was originally called Northwest Arm because of its location near Sweet Bay. In 1934 it was changed to Winterbrook because of the many people who crossed the brooks in the Winter.

Winterbrook has a very small population of only approximately 64. In winter many of the older people leave to go live with their families living in other communities throughout Newfoundland and Canada, and return again in the summer. During the early years, the people of Winterbrook earned their living by fishing, farming, logging and trapping. Today most people work outside the community.

Modern technology was late coming to Winterbrook, but the early people living there were clever and wise and bonded together to help each other out

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